Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Market Makes a Good Meal

   I woke up early this morning, remembering at day break that it was my last full day in France. I went to bed last night feeling the same way- as soon as the rain passed, I just wanted to be outside, listening to the coo-coo birds and frogs,soaking in every last minute until dark fell at 10:00. 
   I had to hit the trash bins, recycle and drop off some books for a friend in town this morning, so I decided to wander through the market for one last time, too. The French markets are so full of life. Of course, there is produce galore, but also so much more. Similar to our local Colorado market, it is a major social event for the community. By mid-morning, the cafe tables are full. Half of the canine community are sniffing one another, while pedestrians are trying to pass by in the narrow streets, bidding one another bonjour. Vendors get progressively louder, doing their best to make as many euros as possible in the morning hours.
   Even though I am supposed to be emptying my cupboards, I couldn't help but buy a few poitrons(red peppers), chevre, and gambas(shrimp) to share with friends back at the best place of all- our garden table.
   Oh, and yesterday friends brought over fresh sardines which we grilled and ate with fingers with a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of salt and yum- Youngest Child has a new favorite culinary treat. Second only to Escargot- he has done well in France.

Zetta giving me a lesson on eating sardines.
Early summer produce.
Every market has their rotisserie chickens- they are delicious with potatoes roasting underneath...
There are several vendors selling flowers.
Early morning market.


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